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Welcome to Frail Care Services. We are a division of the Senior Service website, the most comprehensive source of great information for Seniors in South Africa! The Senior Service website is viewed by over 11,000 people each month, generating over 1.5million hits. We’r buzzing! So join our Seniors party!

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What info can I find on the Senior Service website?

We have lists of retirement villages, old age homes, frail care centres, step-down facilities, rehabilitation centres…..many of them! We have 1,500 retirement places listed on our website. You can see pictures, view new retirement developments, find contact details, find out about prices….

We have loads of articles for seniors: medical, travel, leisure. We have the latest news and events designed to make your retirement exciting and enjoyable. You can even find the names of social clubs for seniors in your area.

We have lists of large SA companies that have special retail offers for seniors, special discounts.

We have a section for all your free classified ads. Anything goes here: something to sell? Something to buy? Want to rent a place at the sea? Looking for a job to keep you busy?………….

The Senior Service website has lots more, so click here and see for yourself.

There are many different terms used when we speak to Retirement Places. Which one is for me?

Here’s a glossary.

INDEPENDENT LIVING: this term describes a person that is perfectly able to live in a retirement village as she/he is capable to live independently without the assistance of nursing staff. She/he may still drive, cook, shop and take care of her/his financial affairs. He/she would still be socializing and organizing social events.

ASSISTED LIVING/MIDCARE: these terms describe a person that is starting to require a little assistance. Generally the person is in her/his late 70’s, early 80’s, has been living alone and is no longer coping with the requirements of daily life. They may also be needing some assistance in either mobilizing or washing or with taking their daily medication…This person could live alone with the assistance of a carer or could move into a retirement home/old age home where care is provided.

FRAIL CARE: at the frail care stage, a person requires a lot of nursing and he/she may need help with dressing, washing and toileting and may or may not be bedridden. A frail person may also be physically ok but mentally frail, requiring constant supervision. This person would be best cared for in the frail care section of an old age home.

And what about all those other terms?

CONVALESCENCE, STEP-DOWN, SUB-ACUTE CARE, POST-OPERATIVE CARE: a person requiring this type of care has probably spent some time in hospital as a result of an illness, stroke or an operation and is requiring care to recuperate before going back home. They are medically stable and no longer need to be in a hospital environment and can be discharged to a care facility.

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